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  /   Saturday November 26, 2005  

A euthanasia group is under investigation after having possibly euthanized a healthy patient. According to this story, the woman had a fake medical report saying that she had cirrhosis of the liver, and she used it to obtain euthanasia. Even if this woman believed she had cirrhosis, this case still shows what we may be looking at in the future if we allow the Culture of Death to reign.

We hear all the time of people who are looking for happiness. Suicide is nothing more than the ultimate manifestation of despair. We can, in our society, run the risk of “respecting the autonomy of others” so much that we do not truly love them. We need hope, not death. Even those who are terminally ill are in desparate need of a reminder of their hope in Jesus Christ. By selling them the lies of the Culture of Death, we are destroying that hope. Yet ironically, this may well be the ultimate sign of that hope having already been lost.

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