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  /   Saturday November 26, 2005  

As I reported in my last post, the priests of Missouri were asked to preach their homily on embryonic stem cell research in order to urge the people not to sign the petition to permit state funding for it. Well, the new pastor of St. Francis Xavier, Fr. Scott Sunnenberg, did just that. He said that this was taking life to save a life and was not acceptable to our Catholic faith. He was quite clear. He stopped just sort of saying something like “gravely sinful,” but really, I was happy to see a priest up there taking a stand with all his brother priests in the state. I feel certain that his preaching was sincere.

He is a new pastor here. I didn’t even know that the former pastor had left. I introduced myself today and told him that I was happy that this was being brought up from the pulpit. He reminded me to pray about this.

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