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Happy Generic Winter Holiday

  /   Wednesday December 07, 2005  

I really should write more. I just can’t get my lazy tail on it. I really do want to have a blog worth visiting.

Anyway, it’s time for my annual Christmas gripe. Last weekend, I went to my company’s “Holiday Party.” They can’t call it a “Christmas Party” or even name several holidays that it’s for. I mean, somehow that would offend people. Nevermind that I’m offended by being told that I’m celebrating a generic winter holiday. It’s okay to offend me, but it isn’t okay to offend unbelievers. I make it a point to say “Merry Christmas” to people who tell me to have a good holiday to emphasize that we don’t celebrate generic winter holidays.

There is even one on-line store that has on its web site that the deadline for “holiday shipping” is December 23rd. Hmmmm . . . I only know of two things that could be. Our federal government still says that December 25th is Christmas. Why can’t they just name the holiday?

I know someone may look at this and say that it’s a “wide world.” Well, it’s a narrow mind that doesn’t have room for the Savior. One cannot claim to be broad minded when they are purposely excluding Christ.

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