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Church Has Not Been Good Fisher of Men

  /   Sunday December 11, 2005  

The papal preacher, in leading a meditation for the papal household, stated that the Church has not been an effective fisher of men. I remember hearing another priest, Fr. Dave Pivonka, say that our doors are open, but we aren’t reaching out to people. Yet another article that I read years ago said that Catholics were less likely than other Christians to share their faith. Some time after reading that, I gave a short meditation to the Catholic Student Association at Ole Miss on all that we have as a result of our faith but are reluctant to share.

Why are we reluctant to speak the name of Jesus Christ to others? What has happened? I’ve heard people use the words of St. Francis of Assisi (“Preach the Gospel, and, when necessary, use words.”) to suggest that we need only preach by example. However, words are more necessary now than ever because our society hardly knows him.

Remember that our faith is not some leisure activity. It certainly isn’t some burden that we are trying to impose. It is the truth that sets us free and give us eternal life. Let us be like excited children who share the Good News with joy.

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