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  /   Sunday December 18, 2005  

I have often stated on this blog that I fear that the day is coming when no one who truly lives the truth taught by Jesus Christ and his Church will be able to practice in any health care profession. Well, it seems to be true for pharmacists in Illinois. While the state has conscience protection laws, their governor decided that they don’t apply to pharmacists. Then, he issued an executive order requiring pharmacists to fill all prescriptions for the “morning after” pill.

It seems that we pharmacists are an easy target to pick on. If you need evidence, ask a pharmacist who works in retail about his or her working conditions. However, we have never been known to band together, and the national organizations we have are often run by elitists with unrealistic visions for the profession. We don’t have much of a lobby. We tend to be introverts. Therefore, as the article says, “pharmacists are often treated more like clerks than like the medical professionals they are.”

Well, I didn’t go to six years of school and earn a doctorate to be a clerk. Patients know this when they have questions. We are the most accessible people, and we don’t typically charge for people to see us and ask us questions. Despite the elitists saying that we are moving from being “product oriented” to being “patient oriented,” the reason that we can do what we do for patients is that we know the product and its suitability for a particular patient. The morning after pill is suited for no one because it can kill a young and helpless human being.

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