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Defending the Faith 2006

  /   Sunday July 30, 2006  

I have just been at the Defending the Faith Conference at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Although I’ve seen better years there, it was still a good experience. For one thing, the staff is always great, but this year they seemed even better than I had remembered in the past. However, the weather was as hot as ol’ fiery Gehenna (or Memphis, depending on which you choose to think of), and this was the first year that I stayed in the non-air-conditioned dorm. I plan to sleep for a long time.

I may share some more stuff later, but I had to say that I met Fr. Benedict Groeschel and got his autograph. He was really nice. He does seem to be a bit frail, though. I know he’s been through it with his accident, and I’m grateful that he survived. I have been praying for him since then. He gave the homily at the Holy Hour and reminded us that of all the holy people he knew from the last century (he named Fr. Peyton, Fr. Solanus Casey, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, and Archbishop Fulton Sheen and probably others) had centered their lives on the Eucharist.

He also gave us what I see as a hope-filled comment about Scripture study. He mentioned how Scott Hahn is on the cutting edge now. Pope Benedict XVI has a real desire to get rid of “the old comrades of the last few decades” who blather on about “the historical Jesus.” I loved it when he said that the “historical Jesus” is a myth. He’s right when he said that Catholics have been treated to many a sorry sermon because of the overuse of historical criticism. It’s time for more faith-filled Scripture study. Fortunately, resources are slowly but surely becoming available.

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