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  /   Monday January 22, 2007  

Here on the anniversary of the criminally insane Roe vs. Wade, the annual March for Life is taking place in Washington DC. I’m off work for one more day (must go back tomorrow), and I’m listening to Kresta in the Afternoon on my Sirius radio where Teresa Tomeo is being interviewed by a substitute host. The news is good.

Teresa has indicated that there are many, many young people at the March for Life. In fact, she says she’s old compared to most of the people she sees there. Compare that to the last pro-abortion “March for Women’s Lives” (sic!!!). The majority of people seen there were part of a dying group. They were, in Tomeo’s words, the “burn-your-bra” 1960’s feminists. It’s sad that in over forty years they still haven’t figured out that there ideas are leading them nowhere. She mentioned that they even bussed in union people who had nothing to do with their movement to pad their numbers.

There’s more . . . I’ve heard several reports on EWTN radio that Silent No More Awareness and Rachel’s Vineyard are present. Many are giving their stories of how abortion has hurt them. Thank God they are there to tell the truth and to let people know that there is help after an abortion. I wonder if the secular media, to which I have not paid a lot of attention, is giving these people the time of day.

Please note carefully my choice of words here. I have said that this is a “hopeful” thing. It gives me hope, but I could not call it a cause for celebration. After all, it’s a sad thing that we still have to be marching for life. We must pray for the day when abortion is ended. Still, the fact that so many are there gives hope that it will be within my lifetime.

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