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  /   Wednesday October 06, 2010  

Recently, I got an e-mail advertisement about a study on Scripture taking place at a parish in North Carolina where we used to live. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.  It said in the description that modern scholars seek to distinguish religious truth from historical or scientific truth.  After spending a lot of time in Memphis hanging around orthodox Catholics who used good study materials, I really thought that this kind of thinking was passe.  Then again, this particular parish had a way of bursting my bubble which ultimately resulted in my refusing to go back.

If, for example, the resurrection of Our Lord isn’t historically true, then there is no need to believe in him.  In fact, there’s really not much point in studying Scripture.  While it’s true that there are truths that can be known in different ways, there isn’t a contradiction between them.  Something is either true or not, and what’s true is true.

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