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  /   Wednesday October 06, 2010  

So far, I’m two and a half weeks in to the new job and really glad to be there.  I knew a number of people there before I started, so I’m not a complete stranger.  Now that I’m on day shift, I’m awake enough that I can get something out of listening to podcasts, so I’ve been doing that during my commute.  Nashville traffic is very unpredictable, so the length of a podcast is ideal for keeping me informed and entertained.

Speaking of podcasts, this brings me to what I really want to blog about.  I have decided to try to podcast again. It will be a work in progress, and I don’t know how often I’ll post episodes. I picked out music beds.  Soon, I hope to start recording.  The episodes will be posted within this blog as their own category.  Some RSS software will generate a feed in case someone wants to download this from podcast software.  This should be fun!

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