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  /   Wednesday February 23, 2011  

Last weekend, Yana and I took a trip to Lexington, Kentucky to be at a party for a friend.  It’s kind of ironic that I’d go there just after taking the test to become licensed there (which I passed, by the way), but I digress.  After the party, we went to the mall.  There I found what has to be the best Apple store that I’ve ever seen.  I got to play with quite a lot of stuff there.

Since I’ve been on Verizon, I hadn’t really been interested in the iPhone 4.  Now, with its availability, it may be an option some time in the future.  The retina display really is a sight to see.  The ones in the store have service on them, so I got to send my wife an e-mail from one of them just for fun.  After that, I played with a MacBook Air.  It is a lightning fast device since it has a solid-state drive.  It will be a while before I’m in the market for a laptop, so we’ll see how it evolves.

The best thing, of course, is the 27-inch iMac.  I will be getting one of those before too long (after Lion is released).  The display is beautiful, and it’s lightning fast.  I’ve been doing some high-definition video since getting married, and I want something that will allow me to preserve it in high-definition.

I was not impressed with the Magic Trackpad.  Maybe it is because I’m just not a big fan of trackpads.  It is too hard for me to have precise control. I tried it with Indesign on the demo unit, and it was a little difficult to place an object just where I wanted it.

The new Magic Mouse is something that I have played with off and on, and I have mixed feelings about it.  I currently have the old version of the Magic Mouse.  The new one does not have a scroll wheel that can get clogged up and quit working, but it also lacks the squeeze buttons that I use to call up Expose.  The gesture concept isn’t the best for me because I tend not to memorize stuff, and I hope that Apple won’t get to a point that learning the gestures is necessary to use Mac OS.

It’s hard to believe that, just ten years ago, I would have called the Mac a “Macintrash” computer.  Now, I find that it is faster, handles multitasking better, and is so much less of a headache to maintain.  Let’s just hope that the absence of Steve Jobs doesn’t hurt their creativity.  They need to keep it up.

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