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  /   Saturday March 05, 2011  

It has been so hard to hold our news inside me.  Thankfully, the time to announce has come.  Are you ready?  Well, you probably already figured out from the title that our news is . . . (drum roll please) . . .

Yana and I are expecting our first baby in September!

This baby has already been to Disney, though in utero.  We didn’t know we were expecting at the time.  During our first weekend in January, we went grocery shopping.  Yana noticed that she couldn’t stand the smell of the fish in the seafood department or the sight of the chicken in the meat department.  Then, she noticed she was getting unusually tired.  Well, these symptoms were a little suspicious based on what we know.  The next morning, it was time for a little test.  You can probably guess the results.  Yana wanted to get to the doctor’s office the next morning, but it was closed due to a snowstorm.  Two days later, she got in and confirmed what we already knew.  Four days later, we saw a little one and a little heart beat on ultrasound.

Things have been going well, and we are excited!  Of course, prayers are very much appreciated.

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