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Amy Welborn on Religious Busybodies

  /   Thursday November 28, 2002  

I’ve managed to capture the computer for a while here. Once again I’ve found insight from Amy Welborn. The post caught my eye because she mentioned the SUV issue that I’ve been ranting about.

Really, she has a good point. Either we bring faith into the public sphere and into daily life when it isn’t popular, or we sell out to secular culture. However, there are some issues that truly are morally neutral. Others are really not that big of a priority.

For example, some commentators have said that abortion is “not the only issue.” It’s true that one does not go to Heaven merely by not having an abortion. However, there may be people burning in Hell for no other reason than that they had an abortion. While there is much more to the Christian life than not having an abortion, the fact is that abortion is the most serious moral issue of our time. It concerns innocent human life. Therefore, if a Christian is spending what may seem to be a disproportionate amount of time on abortion, it’s because of the grave importance of the issue.

What’s my point? Although our faith should entail every aspect of our lives, there are things that are most important to God for us to concern ourselves with. This is one reason why prayer and discernment are most important. I have my doubts SUVs being an overriding concern when our society is presently filled with violence. In fact, I doubt that it is a moral issue at all.

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