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  /   Monday January 13, 2003  

You are cordially invited to view my newly-redesigned web site at:


If you are using cdavidancell.com (adding the extra “c” for Charles), you can still get to the site. They addresses are actually one and the same. However, I recommend using davidancell.com because I may change this someday. I get spam on cdavidancell.com.

There’s not much new content, but the site is better integrated with the blog. I wonder if I need to do a little design work on this blog.

Also, I’ve added a few posts to the Best of this Blog. I hope to start looking for some posts to add to my best articles from others. I will be adding a Mark Shea article soon.

Here is what I added to my favorite posts:

Zoning Ordinances

Liturgical Music Guide

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